Pro-Let Properties was established to provide excellence in service with a reliable and personal, yet professional approach. We pride ourselves on our trustworthiness and truthfulness.

The management of property is not something which can be learnt overnight. With my background in Law, I obtained a 2:1 Law Degree and then went on to become a member of ARLA. Qualified experience is essential and I have over 10 year’s qualified industry experience as well to look after your property.

Owning and letting my own properties in Cambridgeshire, both single residential lets and HMOs, has helped me to understand what a Landlord is looking for in an Agent. Amongst other things, reliability and trustworthiness were the most important factors that I required in an Agent and Pro-Let Properties provide this exact service.

Not only is the quality of the property important, but so is the quality of the Tenant. We aim to find the best tenant to suit your property and pride ourselves on doing so. A good tenant goes a long way! Finding a tenant who will treat your property like their home is paramount to a successfully let property.

Suzanne Locke – Owner

What our customers say…

You have been by far the best lettings agent I have dealt with…
Alex Smith, Tenant 2.5 years